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Things we can do to Earth in return

YRE - 국내대회수상작 · March 28, 2017

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YRE Competition 2017

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Ever since human has been born, and even before that, Earth has given environmental help for human to live, and because of this, human could become the highest level in all of the species in Earth. However, human has destroyed Earth since ancient times to gain their wealth, such as the Great Wall in China. These problems started to occur seriously when people began to start the industrial revolution. People were able to use machines, which made products faster, so it occurred companies make tremendous numbers of products. However, this caused them to trash all unsold products, and also caused huge forests to disappear because companies needed ingredients. Also, people began to build factories because they needed more workforces to build, so they changed fertile lands into workspaces. Also, companies released numerous numbers of chemicals, and these polluted lands. At a result, it could seem that this revolution has made many advantages and made us wealthy, but actually, it made devastating results, like desertification, yellow dust, frequent hurricanes, and global warming. Even though natural environment are collapsing quickly than before, some people and companies still don’t realize the magnitude of these problems, and they keep abusing the Earth, for their benefits. These reactions could be a problem, because as researches show, some lands will disappear in few decades, and there will be no fossil fuels enough for us to live. So, I want to talk about how humankind could cooperate with Earth, at a broad sight.

First, we should reinforce education about the protection of the environment to students. Mostly, schools don’t recommend in educating how to protect the environment and how the Earth is in danger in a specific way to students because they think other school subjects are more important. For example, our school has a class about the environment, but the duration of the lesson is very short, and the class mood is very unconstrained, and students don’t think as an important subject. Like this, many people don’t really think about the environment, and they only think about their child’s future. But, if people just develop their world and don’t consider about the environment seriously, Earth will no longer maintain and we will soon be extinct. I heard icebergs from the North and South Pole are melting drastically, and it will increase the surface of the sea. Then, human won’t have enough lands to grow crops, to live and likely most will die because of starvation. We can’t fix these problems now, but as time passes, students could figure unique ideas to solve them. However, if teachers and other adults don’t teach them why we should protect the environment, then children will continually destroy the environment as they grow up, and worsen the Earth’s problem or even destroy the Earth.

Also, we should increase the number of electric cars and support them. Recently, electric cars have appeared as an issue for a new eco-friendly car. It doesn’t emit greenhouse gas that pollutes the air, and it only moves by electricity. This can cover millions of car emitting the tremendous amount of greenhouse gas, which can pollute the air seriously. However, there are insufficient supports to make and develop electric cars, because currently there is a lack of gas stations, too expensive when you contrast to gasoline car, and it is dangerous if the cars lose energy while activated, and others. But, this could be easily overcome by some efforts and supports, and when electric cars show up, economical results would be beneficial than regular gasoline car.

Finally, we should alter useless lands into green spaces. There are many useless lands all over the world, such as abandoned apartments, useless roads, deserts, and others. For example, my town has a lot of useless lands, like apartments that has stopped constructing and never will be done building, or facilities that people don’t use anymore. People say global warming is one of the serious problems worldwide, which is caused by greenhouse gas, and carbon dioxide is one of the biggest components of the greenhouse gas. If these useless lands are changed into green spaces, plants could absorb carbon dioxide and emit fresh air by photosynthesis, which could alleviate these problems. In addition, people would more likely to prefer seeing green spaces rather seeing old buildings. Therefore transforming these abandoned lands into lands full of green will be effective. Also, many green spaces could make people play outside more often. Our country doesn’t have enough space for people to play outside, so they prefer to play inside by playing games or messaging with other friends. If green spaces increase, they will have more chances to stop playing inside and make them go outside to play.


By reinforcing the education of environmental care to children, increasing numbers of electric cars, and changing useless lands into green spaces, we could stop damaging the Earth and start protecting it. These changes could be difficult to fix at once, but we will be able to develop these if we start focusing in nature. Shakespeare said, “A one who wants to wear the crown, bear the crown.” Because of Earth’s help, people are in the highest level in nature and they achieved the crown. To wear it more properly, we should act to show how to other species how we would try to ‘Bear the crown’, by repaying to Earth, and even if we can’t, we should at least start to stop abusing and protect Earth, like the time when our ancestors cooperated with Earth 3 million years ago.

Author : Kim Hyeong Chan

School Name : Kwang Jang Middle School